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Monday, February 25, 2013

Text Banking - A quick way to stay connected to your money

Because of its speed and ease of use millions of people prefer text messaging as their method of communication.

Now, text messages are becoming increasingly popular for tracking financial matters as well.

The new Text Banking service from Community Financial is so convenient.  All it takes to sign up is a one-time visit to the mobile website, where as many as three cell phone numbers can be set up to send and receive short message service (SMS) texts.

From that point on, you will have the ability to text a variety of codes to the SMS number 860-20 in order to receive important information from their chosen account.

The text codes are as follows:
     ·       “B” will allow you to check all account balances;
     ·       “H” will allow you to view the five most recent transactions for all accounts;
     ·       “H acct” will give you the 5 most recent transactions for an account (example: HS19 for checking);
     ·       HELP will call Community Financial at (877) 937-2328;
     ·       MENU will allow you to see a list of all available commands and;
     ·       STOP will deactivate the SMS Text Banking program.

“It’s great for our members to be able to get a quick glance at their balances while they are out shopping.  Seeing their current account information can help them make smart financial decisions on the go.” said Art Beard, Community Financial’s Vice President of Information Technology, who notes a major buzz surrounding the credit union’s various new mobile banking options.

Beard explains, “The system is of course not as comprehensive as the mobile website or our smartphone apps, but it allows an excellent option for members looking for speed and ease of use.”  

To sign up and authorize your cell phones for the Text Banking system, you will need an eBanking ID and password. Simply visit here.

Please note, while there is no charge for SMS Test Banking, standard text message and data rates apply from your service provider.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Community Financial's ePay: Change the way you pay bills

Few things leave a longer “paper trail” than financial transactions, but thanks to the rising popularity of mobile banking options, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Community Financial offers its members several ways to “go green” through mobile banking options, as we discussed in last week’s Money Matter$ blog post, and online bill pay is arguably a service that fosters an earth-friendly alternative to paying bills with paper checks.

Online bill pay allows members to pay all of their bills online or through our new mobile app from their Community Financial checking account. This saves time, creates an electronic payment history, and deletes mounds of paper that usually go along with paying bills.

For paying bills, customers have two new options.

“Members can do either one, whether they chose to sign in through our eBanking online banking site and use full  bill pay, or through the mobile application to quickly pay their bills, both are very convenient,” said Art Beard, Community Financial VP of Information Technology.

Several other convenient features have been worked into the ePay system. ePay lets you set recurring or one-time payments in advance with the ability to:
·       Include notes
·       View your payment history
·       Receive customized email alerts when payments are due or deducted from your   account
·       View both pending and paid bills
·       Import billing statements
·       Make payments to businesses, individuals, or other financial institutions.

As Beard explained, person-to-person payments are particularly convenient, as all you need to do is set up a friend as a payee through an email address before sending them a special link and making a payment to them through your account.

Mobile app users should note that payees must be established in eBanking beforehand, so that payments can be made on the go through the app later.

And of course, all payments are safe and secure through Community Financial’s servers.
To begin or to learn more, visit the ePay section of our website.

Community Financial also offers advice help lines including our eBanking Helpline at 877-937-2328 and our ePay Support Center at 855-397-4254. We hope you enjoy the mobile banking experience and find it as helpful as we do! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Banking on the Run: Members Excited About New Mobile Apps

In a recent smartphone commercial, the announcer boasts “It’s easier to show you what it doesn’t do in 30 seconds,” This statement sums up how mobile technology in America has evolved in 2013.

People are using their cell phones for just about everything, from listening to music to surfing the web, and smartphones are even taking the place of traditional tools like flashlights.

Mobile banking is another exciting use of smartphone technology, and one our members have been craving. Now, mobile banking from Community Financial is here, and the feedback has been encouraging so far according to Community Financial VP of Information Technology Art Beard.

“This is something that our members have wanting for a while, it’s been greatly anticipated, “Beard said.  “We’re seeing comments on the Apple Store saying things about how easy the app is to navigate, how it looks great, and one person even called it, ‘Hands down one of the best banking apps I’ve ever used.’”

The Community Financial Mobile app is available on Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.  Blackberry users can also access a link to download it here.

Downloading an app isn’t the only way to take advantage of Community Financial’s mobile banking features.  The Community Financial Mobile Banking Site, located at is also available. The mobile site is secure, just as the apps are, and is specially designed to be compatible with mobile devices, allowing it to maintain the convenience of an app as well as the functionality of a full-fledged mobile site. 

The services are available to Community Financial members who establish an eBanking ID & password and register their device by email.

The new mobile banking options have been popular with many members according to Beard, who notes thousands have sign up in the first two months since launching the service.  

“They tell me they love the new (mobile banking options) and they’re really glad to finally see the app,” he said. “Pretty much everything has been positive so far.”

Check back with Money Matter$ next week for details on Online Bill Pay features available through the new mobile banking apps from Community Financial! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Which U.S. President Would You Have Lunch With and Why?

Every president had his own favorite meal, Ronald Reagan loved his home-style mac and cheese and Bill Clinton has a penchant for authentic enchiladas.

It’s no surprise that the Commander-in-Chief eats well at the White House, but which president would be the most interesting to spend time with at lunch?

That’s the question being posed to local 4th and 5th grade elementary and 6th thru 8th grade middle school students in Community Financial’s annual essay contest in honor of Presidents’ Day.

From now until the holiday, February 18, essays are being accepted at all Community Financial branches from students as part of a contest asking which President – from George Washington to Barack Obama – they’d like to enjoy lunch with and why.

“With Inauguration Day having just passed, we wanted to once again give students the opportunity to provide their thoughts on our nation and the presidency as only students can,” said Natalie McLaughlin, Community Financial education partnership coordinator. “There is no doubt that our students can provide some unique and fresh ideas.”

The top essay in each of two age categories will receive a $100 gift certificate while five finalists in each of the group will also receive $10 Subway gift cards. The two winners’ teachers will also receive a $100 gift card to be used for supplies in their classroom.

In addition to the gift certificates, the two winners in each age category will be treated to lunch with their classmates and Community Financial President Bill Lawton.

Essay forms are available online at

Last year’s winners were Emily Loebach of Meads Mill Middle School in Northville, who wished to have lunch with former President Abraham Lincoln, and Julie Shen of Miller Elementary School in Canton, who chose President Thomas Jefferson.

Mary Kay Gallagher, Superintendent of Northville Schools, Amy Soukup, teacher, Emily Loebach, essay winner, Bill Lawton, President of Community Financial, Susan Meyer, Principal of Meads Mill Middle School, and Mary Kerwin of Community Financial after last year's contest.