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Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day by committing to make one eco-friendly change

April 22, 2013 is Earth Day, one of our favorite holidays in Michigan.  It means that the birds are back, spring buds are on the trees and we can pack away the gloves and scarves and get outside to enjoy the warmer weather.

Celebrating and observing Earth Day can be as large-scale as installing solar panels on your roof or as simple as planting a tree,  or helping to clean up your neighborhood. Even the smallest gestures count toward the health of our beautiful planet. Small gestures added together, can make a big difference over time.

Banking in an environmentally responsible way definitely falls into that category, considering the sheer volume of transactions that take place over the days, months, weeks and years.

That’s why Community Financial is proud to offer several options for more eco-friendly and sustainable banking that help reduce paper waste, fuel consumption and other resource usage.

Those options include:

·eReceipts delivered to your via email instead of on paper when you visit a branch
·Online and mobile banking transactions save you a trip to the credit union
·ePay allows you to pay bills without writing checks or driving to the post office for stamps
·eStatements are delivered through email instead of on paper through traditional mail
·Direct Deposit saves you gas and time by automatically depositing your check into your accounts each payday
·eClub puts all these green services together so you make all your transactions electronically, saving time, money and the environment

“When people think of banking, they often picture stacks of paper, but that’s not the case anymore, thanks to investments in online and mobile technology,” said Sarah Cousineau, marketing manager for Community Financial.  “By providing mobile and online alternatives, not only is banking becoming more convenient, but it is also becoming more environmentally sound.”

For more information on how Community Financial support environmentally friendly banking solutions, visit

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