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Monday, August 19, 2013

School Fundraising: The Alternative Method

Fundraisers are a common part of the school experience and an important part of making your school the best it can be.  It’s not uncommon to find student athletes selling coupon books for their team or cheerleaders selling candy bars for new uniforms.

Now, new solutions that integrate social media and websites have arrived for groups to raise money to support their school programs. The popularity of online fundraising has exploded in recent years, with people raising money for everything from movie projects to new business ideas to helping neighbors in need. has been the leader for many years in online fundraising, and it was even used locally by five sisters to bring their popular Drought organic juice bar to downtown Plymouth.

People looking to get involved and raise money for school causes might want to give sites such as and a try. Both are geared toward helping school groups obtain the funding they need to allow students to shine. gives school groups the ability to team up with local merchants to create special deals for the community, which are then sold to raise funds. Schoola takes a cut of the funds raised but it handles many of the logistics of the campaigns at no extra charge, such as check writing and fulfillment, according to, another platform that has been featured by major media outlets, also allows people to centralize their fundraising campaigns, easily bringing in donations from the comfort of home.

Another potential resource is, where teachers can request funding for specific projects directly.  And, rewards programs through Amazon and Target have also become popular ways to raise money for schools.

As with any fundraising endeavor, be sure to do your research and check references to make sure you don’t fall victim to scams.

Candy bars and coupon books will likely always have a place but websites like these can be complementary funding alternatives to giving our kids the resources they need to excel this fall.

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