Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Shopping Made Easier

The holidays arrive at the same time every year and still never cease to catch people by surprise.  Gift-giving, entertaining and holiday travel expenses can add up quickly.  Applying for a holiday loan from Community Financial Credit Union can give you the resources you need to get through the holiday season.
It’s this time of year when many people rely on credit cards to subsidize extra expenses but with average annual percentage rates (APRs) at 16.99%, the odds of incurring major debt in the long run increases substantially.  Securing a holiday loan from Community Financial is a better alternative.  Members can apply for a holiday loan with an APR as low as 4.49%!

Holiday loans at Community Financial are available for up to $3,000 with a maximum term of 12 months.  With a holiday loan, you can budget for the upcoming months knowing exactly how much you’ve borrowed, what the interest will be, and when it needs to be repaid.  With a lower interest rate than credit cards, we make it easier for you to pay off your holiday loan in a short amount of time.  Holiday loan applications are available at your nearest Community Financial branch and online.  Tis’ the season to pay us a visit!


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  2. One of my friends fell ill and he was finding it hard to meet the medical expenses, so I was eager to help him financially, but he did not wanted to accept the money because he wanted to save his self respect. Rather, he opted for getting payday loan so all the short term debt issues gets solved easily.


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