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Monday, March 24, 2014

6 Reasons to Build Your New Home

There are lots of deals on previously owned homes currently, making it easy for home buyers to overlook the benefits of building a new home. Here are 6 reasons to consider building, instead of buying, your new home:

Customization – If you as a buyer can dream it, a contractor can build it. A new home can be built exactly the way you like. Rooms can be situated in the order you want, making it your home.

Location – As with customizing the rooms and features, you can also pick your perfect location with new home construction. Building allows you to avoid the hassle of finding your ideal home in your ideal neighborhood.

Green appliances and building techniques – Newer built homes consume half as much energy as older built homes. The environment, your wallet and your health will all benefit from a new home with new appliances. 

Fewer repairs – Repairs to hardwoods, carpet, siding, roofing, electrical and much more can really add up when you buy an existing home. New homes come with everything new, so you won’t find these surprise repairs after you move in. 

Fire safety – Better electrical wiring and fire-resistant drywall products are two examples of newer construction techniques and materials. A new home built with fire-resistance in mind will decrease the likelihood of an electrical fire threatening your home.

Resale value – Newer homes have a longer life expectancy than homes built before 1980. This means they usually have a higher appraisal and more favorable resale
value than older homes.

Community Financial is here to help fit building a new home into your budget. You’ll enjoy peace of mind with Community Financial’s Construction Loans. Our mortgage specialists will help determine the best option for your unique financial situation.

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