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Monday, August 25, 2014

Providing for Paws receives a special donation

2014 is proving to be one of the most gratifying seasons for Community Financial’s Summer of Sharing charitable program. The campaign, now in its fourth year, involves donating $1,000 a day for 60 days during the summer to deserving community organizations. This year, the nominations are pouring in, making it difficult to choose just 60 organizations and programs to donate to.

Providing for Paws is one of this year’s Summer of Sharing recipients of a $1,000 donation. Based out of Garden City, the mission of Providing for Paws is to provide assistance to low-income families with pets. This includes food, vaccines, and medical procedures, as well as animal rescue in the metro Detroit area.

President and Founder Joanne Dixon and the rest of the Providing for Paws team have been hard at work this summer with a record number of parvovirus cases, countless rescue animals and a number of animal cruelty cases.

Noticing the organization was in need of some financial help, a wonderful volunteer named Nadine nominated Providing for Paws for Summer of Sharing. Nadine joined the organization after single-handedly saving a dog in the woods behind her home. The mother dog was found on her death bed nursing several puppies. Nadine paid for the dog to have surgery and bottle-fed all of her puppies while she recovered. She was introduced to Providing for Paws during her rescue endeavor and quickly fell in love with the organization’s mission.

Nadine is now on the board and knows the financial struggles Providing for Paws faces daily – especially in the summer. Nadine hoped Community Financial would recognize what the organization does for the community and hoped it might have a chance of winning.

During the 2014 summer, Providing for Paws had an average of over 80 animals in rescue and serviced 175 owned pets with food, spay or neuters and vaccines. During just the month of July, Providing for Paws had a vet bill of over $5,000. This bill included the treatment of nine dogs with parvovirus, one dog with a blockage and another dog that had been cut by its neighbor with a machete. The organization also provides cats with vaccines and microchips, as well as a test for feline leukemia disease.

With expensive vet bills for around 250 animals, Providing for Paws was in desperate need of financial assistance. When Providing for Paws was notified that it was a Summer of Sharing winner, Joanne and the volunteers and team members were all jumping for joy.

“If it wasn't for programs like the Summer of Sharing, we would not be able to do what we do for all of these animals,” Joanne said. “Every penny counts for our organization, therefore knowing we had an additional $1,000 coming our way, brought tears of joy to my eyes.”

Joanne said she and all of the families that are able to keep their animals with assistance from Providing for Paws all feel very honored and blessed to have this opportunity.

It is because of stories like this, demonstrating the good done in the communities we serve, that we keep bringing Summer of Sharing back.

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