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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ideas for Beating the Winter Blues

As much as we’d like to say that spring is right around the corner, we know that Michigan weather is unpredictable and that winter can last well into April. Luckily it’s been a fairly mild winter this year, but the winter blues are still a very real thing that put a damper on any day. Here are a few tips to help you beat those winter blues!

Get Some Sunshine 
It’s been scientifically proven that more sunlight can help lift your mood. WebMD has statistics about the percentage of people who suffer from winter depression that can be caused in part by lack of sunlight, and even lists ways to remedy it. One quick solution is to open the blinds and curtains in your home to make the environment brighter. No sunshine out today? Sitting next to an artificial light for just 30 minutes a day could help improve your mood.

Exercise and Eat Better 
Go outside, get some exercise and make sure you’re eating right! states that “physical exercise is an underutilized method to reduce depression and anxiety.” Best Health also lists taking Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids as a way to help with wintertime deficiencies and can keep depression at bay. Replacing junk food with brightly colored fruits and vegetables during the winter months has also been linked to an overall boost in well-being.

Wake Up Right 
We all know the feeling of waking up and wishing for just 10 more minutes under the warm covers. Having to rush out the door into the cold after hitting the snooze button one too many times will undoubtedly add to any winter blues you’re experiencing. Read 10 Tips for Making Winter Wake-Ups Easier for some ideas that will help you get out of bed when sheer willpower isn’t enough.

Accomplish Something 
Any time you cross something off your to-do list, it gives you a sense of accomplishment... which feels good! Those good feelings are bound to help curb the effects of the winter blues. Even if your new year’s resolutions have long since been abandoned, some tips here in our blog can help you meet your goals.

Spend Time with Friends 
A article about some surprising causes of winter depression cites a study that shows turning into a hermit in the winter can be detrimental to your health. This is especially true for people who normally thrive in social settings, so resist the temptation to cancel your dinner plans because of the cold weather and get out and socialize! Continuing on with regular activities during the winter keeps you more connected with people and can make winter go by faster. However long this winter lasts, we know that the warmer months will eventually come, and pretty soon we’ll be pining for the air conditioning every time we walk out into the blistering sun. In the meantime, try to appreciate and make the most of the winter season while it’s here.

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