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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

10 Restaurant Hacks to Save You Money

Dining out with family and friends is a wonderful experience, but it can take a huge bite out of your budget. No worries though, we’re not going to try convincing you to give up your favorite restaurant! Instead, use these restaurant hacks to trim your bill when dining out.

1. Look left 
When looking at a menu, most people’s eyes drift to the right. Restaurants know this and purposely put their most expensive items on the right side of the menu. Check out the left side of the menu for cheaper options, or appetizers that can make a full meal, before looking right.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Manage Your Finances This Holiday Season

Have you made your gift list and checked it twice, but find that you’re still panicking about how you’ll pay for everything? Learn about your choices so you can spend responsibly and keep your holiday cheer all through the season. Here are some tips to keep your finances in control.

Set a Budget 
Start by creating a budget that works with your plan and your wallet. Write a list of all the people you want to buy for and set a dollar amount for each person. Don’t forget smaller items such as stocking stuffers. If you think you will overspend with credit cards alone, consider using cash to stay within your budget.

Friday, November 16, 2018

School Spotlight: Grand River Academy Students Learn Interviewing Skills

Education Partnership Coordinator, Amy Pashukewich,
instructs potential student hires on how to conduct
themselves in an interview setting.
Community Financial is excited for our first year in partnership with Grand River Academy in Livonia! Partnering with Grand River Academy marked Community Financial’s 50th Student-Run Credit Union! Our Student-Run Credit Union program provides students with a fun way to learn real-life skills. Each student who would like to volunteer to work at the Student-Run Credit Union will go through an interviewing process similar to what adults experience. Grand River Academy’s fifth and seventh grade students recently learned how the interviewing process works.

Our Education Partnership Coordinators first teach students the importance of filling out an application in their best handwriting, dressing well for an interview, smiling and making eye contact. First impressions are incredibly important, and students are given the opportunity to practice these skills at a young age! Here are Grand River Academy’s very first potential “hires!”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

9 Ways to Break Up With Your Phone

Are you ready to break up with the love of your life? We’re not talking about your significant other, but your cellphone!

You may not think you’re addicted to your phone, but phones are created to keep us completely absorbed and captivated. In fact, the average American adult checks their phone every 12 minutes and spends more than 4 hours on their phone daily. Prepare to regain some control over your life with these tips to help you disconnect.

1. Use apps to track the time you spend on your phone 
Download the Checky or Moment app to see how much time you actually spend on your phone. Moment will even let you track the time you spend on each particular app. Use this newfound information to set restrictions on how you spend your time on your phone.

2. Socialize without it 
Being busy with your phone when you’re out with friends is like frankly telling them you’d rather be somewhere else. Seriously – how rude can you get? Keep your phone out of sight when you’re spending time with family or friends. You might discover that socializing IRL totally kicks what you can do on-screen.

3. Ban it from your bedroom 
Co-sleeping with your phone can kill the quality of your shut-eye. The bright screen messes with your melatonin production and the endless distraction your phone provides can keep you up for hours. Kick your phone out of bed and leave it charging overnight in another room. You’ll perform better on every level when you can get a full night’s sleep.

4. Delete a social media app – or all of them! 
Cut down on the hours you spend on social media by limiting it to when you’re sitting in front of a computer.

5. Spend your meals apart 
Yes, you can actually enjoy a good meal without sharing it with your crowd of fawning Instagram followers. Stop snapping and focus on your food!

6. Give it the cold shoulder
Be brave and turn off all notifications on your phone except for phone and text messages. Every notification compels you to engage with your phone.

7. Prepare for withdrawal symptoms
Be prepared for feelings of anxiety and restlessness for the first few days after you break up with your phone. Don’t worry; you’ll get over it soon.

8. Take email off your phone
Most of us only skim through incoming emails on our phones, not responding until we’re sitting at a computer. The emails, then, only serve to distract us. Keep your virtual mail on your computer for more freedom from your phone.

9. Leave it at home
Start by going out without your phone. You’ll experience the true freedom of being able to live and breathe in the moment with no distractions.

Your Turn: Have you broken up with your phone? What tips did you find helpful?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

#ThankfulThursdays are Back! What are You Thankful For?

Did you know that November is “National Gratitude Month?” With Thanksgiving almost here, it’s the perfect time of year to practice being grateful and appreciative for what we have.

At Community Financial, we are so grateful for our members and the communities we serve. To help spread our gratitude this November, we are bringing back our #ThankfulThursdays program. Every Thursday through November 29th, we will make a donation to local food initiatives in Michigan. In total, we will donate $60,000 to help feed our communities! Here’s a list of the organizations we will be donating to this November:

November 1 
November 8
November 15
November 22 
November 29
Be sure to check out our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) every Thursday, for updates on the program and photos/videos from the selected organizations. #ThankfulThursdays is just one way we can show our appreciation. What are you doing this November to show gratitude?