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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Student-Run Credit Union Year-End Wrap Up

Allen Elementary 5th Grade Credit Union Workers
Community Financial is proud to partner with Michigan schools districts to help operate student-run school credit unions and expose thousands of students to money management skills. Selected students learn the banking business as credit union tellers, branch managers, marketing representatives, computer operators and accountants. As the school year comes to a close, over 30 schools are wrapping up and celebrating this year’s achievements.

The end of the year is marked by a trip to a Community Financial branch so students can see how the role they held in the student-run credit union program translates to that position in real life. The students are often excited to see that the tasks they completed at school are indeed the same types of tasks our team members complete in their jobs. Afterward, students head back to school where they enjoy cupcakes and are awarded certificates for participating in the credit unions throughout the year.

“The student-run credit unions give children valuable experiences they can use no matter what career path they choose in life,” said Senior Education Partnership Coordinator Natalie McLaughlin. “Students that participate in this program gain real world experience and build confidence in their abilities as future employees.”

The student-run credit union program is a practical and fun way for children to learn that a successful financial future is possible for anyone, and that proper money management is a skill they will need throughout their entire lives.

For the 2015 school year, we had over 1,500 student volunteers and over 2,000 student members making deposits. We look forward to another successful school year in 2016!

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